8 Smartphone Apps for Your Pool and Hot Tub

8 Smartphone Apps for Your Pool and Hot Tub

Need to raise the temperature of your pool so it’s warm when you get home from work?  There’s an app for that!

Want to get the hot tub started while you’re finishing dinner so you can enjoy an after dinner soak? There’s an app for that!

Want to know if you need to increase your pool’s pH or chlorine levels? Yes, there’s an app for that too!

Here’s a list of 8 smartphone apps for your pool and hot tub. Download one or download them all!


1. The Smarter Spa Connextion App for HotSpring Spas and Caldera Spas

Connextion is a mobile app designed to help you remotely monitor and access your hot tub via iTouch, iPhone or iPad devices. It provides peace of mind for spa owners who are on the go or have a spa at a second home.

Download Connextion App

2. Pentair ScreenLogic

The Pentair ScreenLogic app works with the Pentair pump control systems. It supports changing all of your pool settings on the fly if you have the supported Pentair pump system.

Download Pentair Screen Logic


3. Nimbus Pool Doctor

Nimbus pool doctor helps users balance the chemicals in their pool, and keeps a record of the treatments that they have completed in the past. It is a simple app that helps you balance the chemistry of your pool.

Download Nimbus Pool Doctor

4. Pool Calculator

Pool-Calculator does just what the name implies! It does the complex pool calculations for you. All you need to do is input accurate information about your pool (size, chemical readings, etc.), and it will tell you how much of each chemical to use.

Download Pool Calculator

5. Pool Boy Pro

Pool Boy Pro includes multiple calculators and charts so you can see the change in readings over time. It helps you remember what you need to do to take care of your pool.

Download Pool Boy Pro

6. NSPF Suite of Apps

The National Swimming Pool Foundation has teamed up with inQ Mobile Apps to release a suite of iPhone apps for pool service operators. While a few of them can be used by homeowners, most of them are geared towards the pool service professional.

Download NSPF Suite of Apps

7. Pool Smart

Pool Smart includes a checklist for managing your pool as well as a chemical calculator that shows you the exact amount of chemicals to use.

Download Pool Smart

Not sure you want to download an app to help with your pool or spa care? Give us a call or stop by one of our three locations, and we can help you with all of your pool and spa needs! We offer free water testing with a computerized printout that lists the chemicals you need for your pool!

Happy Swimming!

Source material: Swim University