BioGuard Products

BioGuard offers the very best in swimming pool care. We offer a wide variety of products to help you keep your pool bright, clean and sparkling all season long. Choose from products designed for chlorine swimming pools, bioguanide swimming pools and other sanitizing programs! At Ultra Modern Pool & Patio, we are experts on watercare and analysis. We offer free analysis and provide a prescription for improving your pool water! Call us today at 316-729-9286!

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BioGuard Swimming Pool SaltScapes Products BioGuard SoftSoak TRIO  BioGuard Freshen UP
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Angry Egg
Cloudy Pool Remedy
 Silky Swim™ Goodbye Dry Water Treatment Pool Tonic
Remedy for a Sick Pool
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BioGuard Sanitizers Bioguard Oxidizers BioGuard Balancers
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BioGuard Algae Products BioGuard Cleaners BioGuard Water Enhancers
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BioGuard Winterization  BioGuard 3-Step Care System  BioGuard Once a Week 3-Step Program
BioGuard Soft Swim Program