Caldera Paradise Series Hot Tubs

Caldera Martinique Hot Tub


With models sized for three to seven adults, these comfortable, high quality hot tubs offer a superior blend of premium options and practical functions that provide an immersive hydrotherapy massage. The Caldera Paradise Series Hot Tubs are known for their versatile seating in models like the Martinique®, a repeat selection by Consumer’s Digest as a “Best Buy” in portable hot tubs.

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The Paradise Series Jet Systems offer incredible jets that relieve-tension with the innovative “Recovery in Motion – Hot Tub Circuit Therapy”

Makena Jet System
The Caldera Paradise Series Makena Hot Tub Shown
  1. UltraMassage™ Seat/Lounge
  2. EcstaSeat®
  3. LumbarSsage® Seat
  4. Euphoria® Jet
  5. Sole Soothers® Jets
  6. Foot Ridge®
1:  Ultra Massage™ seat/lounge Relax into the lounge or seat (varies by model) to receive a soothing massage to your neck, shoulders, and middle back. UltraMassage Seat
2:  EcstaSeat® This seat has multiple jets that focus on the large muscles in your back.  Select models also feature jets for your wrists and/or calves. EcstaSeat Jet System
3:  LumbarSsage® seat Lower back tension?  A unique jet configuration kneads your lumbar region to relieve tension and pain. LumbarSsage Jet System
 4:  Euphoria® jet This jet provides a deep, powerful, penetrating massage to your thighs, knees, calves and feet. Euphoria Jet
5:  Sole Soothers® jets Your feet bear your full weight each and every day.  The Sole Soothers jets reward tired soles with a stimulating, direct massage. SoleSoothers Jets
6:  Foot Ridge® The Foot Ridge support provides a convenient anchor point to help you remain stationary while powerful jets go to work on your sore muscles. FootRidge Jet System


 Multi-Zone Lighting


Enchanted evenings are yours with the SpaGlo® multi-zone LED lighting system. Make the water in your Utopia Series spa a tranquil teal, radiant red or another color. Illuminate the Acquarella® waterfalls for added drama. Set each of the four zones separately or all zones alike, sit back and enjoy the glow. Utopia light zones:

  1. Underwater light, Euphoria® jet and assist bar
  2. Diverter and air valves, speakers (select models)
  3. Acquarella waterfall(s)
  4. EcoTech® cabinet sconces
“We wanted to purchase a hot tub that would provide a form of daily relaxation, and our Caldera spa has met our highest expectations.” –Relax42, Puyallup, WA

Frog Water Sanitization System


Complicated water care is a thing of the past with the FROG system. Just replace bromine cartridges Monthly and minerals four times a year to maintain sparkling clear water.

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Caldera Kauai Hot Tub
Caldera Kauai 3-Person Hot Tub
Kauai Hot Tub
Makena 6-Person Hot Tub
Martinique Hot Tub by Caldera
Caldera Martinique 5-Person Hot Tub
Caldera Salina 7-Person Hot Tub
Caldera Salina Hot Tub
Paradise Series Salina Family Hot Tub
Paradise Series Salina Family Hot Tub
Caldera Makena Hot Tub
Paradise Series Martinique Hot Tub

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Caldera Makena 6-Person Hot Tub Caldera Salina 7-Person Hot Tub
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Caldera Martinique 5-Person Hot Tub Caldera Kauai 3-Person Hot Tub
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