Caring for Your Swimming Pool Pump Motor

Caring for Your Swimming Pool Pump Motor

You want to enjoy a summertime of fun in your backyard pool! So, here are a few tips for caring for your swimming pool pump motor to keep everything in good working order.

Variable speed pumps save you up to 90% in your energy costs! Ask us for a free demonstration. Plus, here are tips for caring for your pump motor.

Protect against HEAT:

  1. Shade the motor from the sun.
  2. Provide cross ventilation.
  3. Protect motor from lint or items that can plug ventilation holes.

Protect against DIRT:

  1. Keep motor and surrounding area clean.
  2. Avoid sweeping or stirring dust near the motor while running.
  3. Avoid storing or spilling dry chemicals, powders, etc. near the motor.

Protect against MOISTURE:

  1. Provide protection from rain and snow by erecting a roofed shelter with horizontally louvered sides over the motor with a minimum clearance of 10″ at all points.
  2. Do not wrap motor with plastic or other air-tight materials.
  3. Locate motor on a slight elevation so water won’t run or puddle nearby.
  4. Avoid spilling liquid chemicals.
  5. Avoid splashing water near the motor.
  6. Repair leaky pipe joints or pump seals promptly.
  7. Avoid locating motor in highest humidity area.


  1. Follow motor connection diagram and make sure the proper voltage is applied.
  2. See that your pump turns freely before starting motor.
  3. Make sure motor is properly grounded for lightning protection.
  4. Follow local codes and use manufacturer’s recommended wire size.

If you have questions about your pump motor, or would like service, please give us a call! We are here to help you solve your pool issues!

Image: Vita Vilcina