Finnleo Designer Series Saunas

Finnleo Designer Series Saunas

The clean, contemporary styling of Finnleo® ’s Designer Saunas makes it almost impossible to believe they’re assembled from pre-fabricated panels. Choose from multiple Designer styles, all from the finest woods and carefully crafted to Finnleo® ’s standards. Finnleo® quality is evident in the individually selected and finished boards and the precision finish on doors and windows. Extensive use of glass and angles gives each sauna an open, contemporary feel. European styling lends a striking touch of elegance. These beautiful saunas are ready to use after only a few hours of assembly. Consider adding Finnleo’s luxurious Interior Upgrades to enhance your saunas look and experience.

Finnleo Twilight Sauna

The newest addition to Finnleo’s Designer Series.  The Twilight Sauna includes elegant design features.  With contemporary glass-to-glass corner, luxury backrests, recessed LED Lighting, and accented wood features inside and out, the Twilight is a beautiful addition to any home.


Finnleo Solace Sauna

The Solace was designed to take advantage of Finnleo’s popular “new” Deco Designs and the open feel of a “full-glass” front wall. This sauna uses a frameless All-Glass door, top panel and two full glass fixed side panels for an inviting and luxurious look. Best of all the Solace is among our most affordable Designer saunas, but in the package of luxurious upgrades. Standard features include:

  • Outside dimensions: Depth 84 inches, Width 72″ inches, Height 84 inches
  • Includes overhang ceiling with low voltage puck lights
  • Interior puck lighting and color therapy lighting, all controlled from a simple 3 button light control or from your SaunaLogic control system.
  • Full-glass front door, transom and side panels.
  • Full-length wood door handle
  • Platform Deco seating with fixed upper benches
  • Deluxe arm-rests on glass side of benches
  • Sauna heater 6kW Viki with SaunaLogic control
  • Natural wood exterior and interior
  • Available in Nordic White Spruce/Abachi, Hemlock/Abachi (shown), or Western Red Cedar

Finnleo Mystique Sauna

The Mystique was created for the popularity of contrasting wood colors and glass. The Mystique has a unique finish that ighlights the grain even further by treating it with a special all natural oil-rubbed mixture. This “Latte” treatment brings out the richness in the wood and aids in keeping the benches clean. Standard features include:

  • Outside dimensions: Depth 72 inches, Width 81 3/4 inches, Height 84 inches
  • Includes overhang ceiling with low voltage puck lights
  • Expansive use of bronze-tinted glass with four sidelight windows and an all-glass door, creates a warm glow when viewing from the outside, and a panoramic view from inside.
  • Deco style benches with wall-to-wall middle platform, and L-shaped upper benches, integral arm rest.
  • Low voltage lighting system integral with the backrests, for special interior ambience.
  • As shown the Mystique includes the upgrade heater Pikkutonttu with Digi-1 control. Standard wall heaters can also be used.
  • Available in Nordic White Spruce/Abachi, Hemlock/Abachi, or Western Red Cedar (shown)

Finnleo Luna Sauna

Finnleo® keeps raising the bar on its stunning Designer series saunas. The “Luna” is no exception. Earlier Finnleo® Designer models blended the beautifully designed Saunatonttu® heater into eye catching sauna layouts. The “Luna”, also designed around the Saunatonttu® heater, may be our most eye catching sauna yet.

  • The unique protruding-V design of the front wall gives this sauna a noticeable European look
  • The triangular front wall of wood and glass provides attractive symmetry inside and out
  • “The Saunatonttu®” is the focal point of the sauna interior
  • With center wall placement,the heater disperses the heat and steam softly and evenly throughout the room for maximum comfort
  • Lower bench is designed around the heater giving a dramatic look highlighting the world’s greatest heater
  • Rounded bench faces complement the curves of the heater
  • Nordic Pine (shown) and Nordic White Spruce (standard) give the sauna an upscale Scandinavian look – Abachi benches and backrests match the Nordic Whitewoods and assure the benches are comfortable to the bathers’ touch

Finnleo Amberlight Sauna

The Amberlight is loaded with luxury. Beginning with its gentle wave-like curved glass front, to the less obvious details, this Designer Series sauna offers the ultimate in design, features and comfort.

  • Outside Dimensions: Depth 72 inches, Width 72 inches, Height: 84 inches
  • Includes curved overhanging ceiling with elegant low-voltage lighting
  • Standard interior lighting is low-voltage valance lighting (optional fiber optic lighting)
  • Curved glass door and 24″ x 72″ curved glass sidelite
  • Integral shelving, perfect for topping off the sauna suite
  • Sauna heater: shown with the ultimate sauna heater – Finnleo® Saunatonttu®: or with 4.5kW FS O-45. Saunatonttu® is placed in the back corner: FSO heater is placed in left rear corner – both options providing maximum use of interior space.
  • Available in Nordic White Spruce/Abachi (standard), Hemlock/Abachi, or Western Red Cedar.

Finnleo Moonlight Sauna

The Moonlight is Finnleo’s all-time best selling designer sauna. The broad-angled front wall gives an open and spacious feel and fits well in corner installations.

  • Outside Dimensions: Depth 84 inches, Width 84 inches, Height: 84 inches
  • Includes overhanging ceiling with romantic low-voltage lighting, double sidelites, 4 benches, 2 headrests, duck-boards, 2 backrests, deluxe heater guard and bench skirts
  • Sauna heater: 6kW, FSO-60 recessed in corner
  • Natural wood exterior
  • Available in Nordic White Spruce/Abachi (standard) , Hemlock/Abachi or Western Red Cedar

Finnleo Aurora Sauna

The curved glass front gives this sauna a stunning new look. Great for mid-wall locations where a panoramic view is desired.

  • Outside dimensions: Depth: 72 inches, Width 84 inches, Height: 84 inches
  • Includes two curved sidelight windows, arched ceiling, all-glass door, corner valence lighting, backrest, bench skirt, matching curved heater guard.
  • Sauna heater: 6kW, FSO-60
  • Natural wood exterior
  • Available in Nordic White Spruce/Abachi (standard) or your choice of Cedar, Redwood, Nordic Pine, or Aspen

Finnleo Reflections Sauna

• Contemporary glass-to-glass corner creates an amazingly open feel.

• Luxury backrests
• Recessed LED lighting
• Two-tone combination of Western Red Cedar with Abachi to create a luxurious look and feel.
• Exterior of furniture grade Cherry Melamine material
• Shown with Pikkutonttu and Digi-I control.
• iPod locker and speakers optional