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Proper water safety is essential whether you own a swimming pool, hot tub or swim spa. We care about your safety and offer the following tips for keeping your family, friends and pets safe in and around water.

Pool Safety Tips

  • Always provide competent adult supervision when the pool is in use. Always have an adult nearby – a WATER WATCHER. Even if you’re a great swimmer, you never know when you might need help. Learn about our free Water Watcher tag that promotes safety.
  • The pool is only safe when EVERYONE follows the rules.
  • Teach children to float or swim as soon as possible.
  • No one should ever swim alone.
  • Caution children against showing off and playing rough and explain the dangers of running and diving recklessly.
  • Never push others into the pool.
  • No running.
  • When using water slides, always go feet first.
  • Adhere to strict diving rules. (Diving accidents can result in life-long injuries.) Never allow diving in above-ground pools, which are too shallow for safety. If you do have an in-ground pool, allow diving only from the diving board, not the sides of the pool.
  • Before diving or sliding, check to be sure that other swimmers are out of the way.
  • Never leave the pool cover partially on when kids are swimming because they might become trapped under it.
  • Keep a phone nearby when supervising kids in the pool. This way, you won’t be tempted to leave the kids to answer the phone, and you can call for help if needed. Post emergency numbers close at hand.
  • Learn CPR. If anyone else will be supervising kids in the pool, make sure they learn it, too. Impress upon babysitters that they must follow your safety rules.
  • Keep rescue devices and first aid supplies near the pool.
  • Teach children what to do in case of emergency. An alarm bell to summon help is a good idea.
  • Keep electrical appliances such as radios out of the pool area because of the hazard of electrical shock.
  • Don’t swim or hot tub after drinking alcoholic beverages or taking medications.
  • Use non-slip materials on the pool deck, diving board and ladders.
  • The steps of the pool ladder should be at least three inches wide, and the ladder should have handrails on both sides small enough for a child to grasp. There should be a ladder at both ends of the pool.
  • Electrical equipment should be installed by a licensed electrician in accordance with local safety codes.
  • There should be a fence at least six feet high around all sides of the pool with a locked gate to keep children out when there is no supervision. The fence should be constructed so it is difficult to climb. Lawn furniture, trees and shrubs should not be close enough to provide an easy boost over the fence. Avoid using a side of the house as part of the fence; toddlers have wandered out through an open patio door or window and drowned.
  • Remove pool steps and ladders when you’re not using them.
  • Keep potential “step stools” away from the fence. That means storing patio chairs, planters, and other climbable items away from your outside perimeter.
  • Mark water depths conspicuously. Use a safety float line where the bottom slope deepens.
  • Above-ground pools: Install sturdy guard rails around the pool deck. Look for rolled rims on the metal shell to be sure the rims do not present a sharp cutting edge if someone falls. The access ladder to the deck should be sturdy and without protruding bolts or other sharp edges. The access ladder should swing up to prevent children from unauthorized entry or should be easily removable for secure storage away from the pool area.

Water Safety Coloring and Activity Book for Kids

We are dedicated to keep children of all ages safe in the pool. Click the image below to download this super activity book. It’s so fun, you might decide to print one for yourself!

Water Safety Coloring and Activity Book

Pool Safety Tips for Pets

  • Install a fence around the pool.
  • Install a pet-safe ladder in the pool so your pet has easy exit access.
  • Pets should not be allowed around the pool without supervision.
  • Pool covers can be deceptive to pets, as they look like a solid surface but can give out and lead to a tragedy.
  • Familiarize your pet with water at a young age; don’t assume he can swim.
  • Consider purchasing a pool alarm system. These float in the pool and go off when there is a disturbance in the water.
  • Take your pet to the veterinarian immediately if a near-drowning or water injury occurs.


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