ePool Water Chemistry Monitor

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ePool Water Chemistry Monitor The ePool Water Chemistry Monitor can do your swimming pool chemical testing and calculating for you.  The only pool water monitor that communicates problems and recommends solutions.

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Eliminates guesswork
  • Makes a healthier pool

For use in:

  • Salt water pools
  • Mineral ion pools
  • Chlorine pools
  • Spas

ePool takes the mystery out of maintaining you pool.  You can be confident that you are doing everything right because ePool tells you exactly what to do!  The ePool sensor floats in your pool and tests your pool’s chemical levels 24 hours a day.  Wirelessly, it sends the data it collects to the indoor receiver so you can see real time facts about your pool.  The ePool receiver displays all the information you’ll need to know about your pool’s water quality from the comfort of your home.  It tells you when things are good, alerts you when your pool needs attention, and tells you what treatment is needed and how much product to add should your pool become unbalanced. ePool combines advanced chemical sensing technology, wireless communication and patented integrated intelligence to determine chemical parameters for your specific pool.  If your pool’s chemistry falls outside of a healthy range, ePool automatically configures a treatment and communicates the dosage of product needed to bring your pool back to ideal conditions.


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