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At Ultra Modern Pool & Patio, we want customers for life.  We believe strongly in helping those customers get the most out of the products they purchase by providing expert service and advice after the sale.  Ultra Modern Pool & Patio offers on-going services, including free technical advice, free computerized water analysis, local delivery of products, an award-winning service and maintenance department.  Pools and spas require attention and the service department at Ultra Modern Pool & Patio is here to help!

our service department team services all makes and models of Pools and Spas,however , we specialize in the brands of Spas we carry.  Our service technicians are factory trained at Watkins Manufacturing company, maker of Hot Springs, Tiger River, Hot Spot and Caldera Spas and carry current certificates. Our service technicians are also factory trained at the international headquarters for Jacuzzi Spas. We can service your above ground, inground or commercial pool equipment.

Pool Services:
Swimming Pool Opening
Swimming Pool Closing (Winterizing)
Swimming Pool Weekly Maintenance
Swimming Pool Leak Detection
Swimming Pool Vinyl Liner Repair
Change Sand in Filter
Heater Repair
Swimming Pool Liner Measurement and Replacement
Swimming Pool Liner Replacement Patterns
Swimming Pool Inspection – For new buyer or for seller
Swimming Pool Commercial ADA Compliance Assessments
General Swimming Pool Repair
Swimming Pool Auto Cover Repair
Swimming Pool Auto Cover Fabric Repair or Replacement
Upgrade Swimming Pool to be the Most Energy Efficient Possible
Installation of New Equipment purchased from Ultra Modern
Installation of new safety covers purchased from Ultra Modern
Repair Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners including in-the-floor pool cleaning systems
Recaulk Expansion Joints
Swimming Pool Sandblast & Replaster
Swimming Pool Acid Washing for Concrete Pools
Swimming Pool Painting for Concrete & Fiberglass Pools
Replacement or repair of Swimming Pool Coping
Replacement of New Concrete Decking if done while replacing the pools interior finish.
Install New Safety Fencing Around Perimeter of Pool

Spa Services:
Spa/Hot Tub Opening
Spa/Hot Tub Closing (Winterizing)
Drain, Clean, Polish & Refill Spa/Hot Tub
Spa/Hot Tub Weekly Maintenance
Spa/Hot Tub Repair
Install New Ozone
Install New cover Lifter

Billiards Services:
Billiard Table Installation
Billiard Table Cloth Replacement

Billiard Table Move to another Room
Billiard Table Move to another Home
Relevel Pool Table
(Base cost of a Service Call is $119.00 per hour, minimum 1 hour, within the Wichita Metro Area)

Call for pricing outside the Wichita Metro Area


pool openWhen the weather starts to warm, you want to think about opening your pool.  Even if the season is not yet right for swimming, it would be to your advantage to get that pool open.  As soon as your water temperature reaches 60º, algae can start growing under the cover. Ultra Modern Pool & Patio takes the trouble and inconvenience out of pool opening by providing expert service technicians to open your pool, or expert advice if you decide to open it yourself.  You can customize your pool opening with Ultra Modern Pool & Patio, to your time, skill level and needs.
(Chemicals sold separately, 10% discount if delivered at time of opening service)

Standard Pool Opening includes: (Up to 40,000 gallon pool)

Remove, fold and clean cover or clean and open automatic pool cover

We will place clean cover in your container and put it where you want it

Place pool circulation, filtration and heater in use, in as-is condition.

Remove plugs and install Owner’s fittings

Reassemble and install pool deck equipment, i.e. ladders, diving board, ect.

Add initial Shock treatment.

Vacuuming up to 1 hour

Take water sample to closest Ultra Modern location for a free computerized water test.

(Additional services and more extensive vacuuming available at additional charge)

Open with Auto Cover – $295.00 – Limit 2 men, 2 hours
Open with Winter Cover – $350.00 – Limit 2 men, 3 hours
Open above ground pool – $350.00 – Limit 2 men, 3 hours

All prices are for the Wichita KS Metro Area


poolclosedThe weather grows cold and it’s time to think about closing your pool.  At Ultra Modern Pool & Patio, we offer industry trained, expert service technicians to help take the hassle out of closing your pool.  As you might imagine, closing your pool for winter is not as easy as turning off your equipment and tying down your cover.  Severe damage to the pool structure and equipment can result if the water is not properly balanced for winter and you could experience a substantial increase in pool opening chemical costs.
At Ultra Modern Pool & Patio, you can customize your pool closing plan to your time, skill level and needs.  Severe damage to the pool structure and equipment can result if the pool equipment is not winterized correctly.  Also, if you do not have your water balanced properly, it can cause damage to the pool finish, whether your pool has a vinyl liner, a plaster finish or is a painted or fiberglass pool.  Please have your pool’s water balanced prior to our scheduled closing by taking a sample to the closest Ultra Modern location where we utilize computerized water testing programs.  It is best to have your water tested at least two weeks prior to your scheduled closing to allow time to balance the minerals in your water.  After your water is tested, you will be provided with a computerized step-by-step printout, please follow these instructions prior to your scheduled closing date.  You can reduce operating chemical costs and extend the life of your wools finish when you keep your water balanced.

If you do not have Ultra Modern close your pool, you should make sure the person you hire has the following:

  1. Liability Insurance

  2. Workmans Compensation Insurance

  3. Drug Testing and Screening of employees

Failure to follow this suggestion could result in significant personal liability if this person were injured working on your pool.

If your service technician does not winterize your pool correctly, your filter, pump and heater can crack open and render it useless, or your piping underground can break causing your pool to leak.  Repairs could be costly and you may not get any help from the person that did your winterizing depending on the financial status of the company that did it.

Other mishaps like leaving a garden hose running not only flooding your pool area, but perhaps your basement.

Cheap can be very expensive in the long run.  We urge you to be safe.  Always do business with a firm that has items 1-3 as listed.

Standard Pool Closing includes: (Up to a 40,000 gallon pool)
Disassemble and store all deck equipment on Owner’s property
Lower water level to proper winterization level.  (if applicable)
Drain and winterize circulation, filtration and heating systems, fountains additional.
Remove pool fittings and void all plumbing of water with compressed air and plug.
Add appropriate winter chemicals (not included)
Install Owner’s pool cover
(Pool vacuuming at time of winterization will be an extra $75.00 per hour and is not included in the price of winterization.)

Close with Auto Cover – $225.00
Close with Winter Cover – $250.00
Close above ground pool – $225.00

All prices are for the Wichita KS Metro Area


At Ultra Modern Pool & Patio, we want your pool to be bright and sparkling and ready to go whenever you and your family are! You made this investment for

FUN, we want to make sure you get the FUN you deserve!
Ultra Modern Pool & Patio’s industry trained, expert service technicians know how to keep your pool and spa ready for your enjoyment at a very affordable cost!

At Ultra Modern Pool & Patio, you can customize your weekly service plan to your time, skill level and needs.

Standard Weekly Service includes:
Clean tile or waterline
Test pool water and treat. (CHEMICALS NOT INCLUDED)
Skim leaves and debris off the top of
Brushing the walls, steps and benches
Backwash/clean filter
Check and clean skimmers and pump baskets
Check all equipment
Check and fill automatic chemical feeders (CHEMICALS NOT INCLUDED)
Deliver and add chemicals (cost of chemicals added to bill)

Complete Pool Service – $60.00

This includes one visit per week performing the above services.  When temperatures are 90 degrees plus, we recommend you check sanitizer level once between our visit and add sanitizer, if required.  If chemicals are purchased from Ultra Modern Pool & Patio, a discount of $5.00 per cleaning will be applied.

Pool & Spa – $95.00

This includes one visit per week performing the above services for pool & maintenance service for the spa

Chem check – $45.00

The most economical way to keep your pool clear and balanced.  This is once per week, checking chemicals only


Maintenance – $45.00

Enjoy your spa year around as our experience technicians maintain weekly.  Drain and refill extra

There are additional charges for outside the local Wichita area and for semi-commercial pools.



linershot2See our HUGE Selection of Replacement Swimming Pool Liners

Your swimming pool liner is an important part of your backyard FUN investment.  Liners generally last 5-7 years, but at some point, you will have to replace your liner.  Your in-ground pool liner has to look good and your pool liner has to fit as perfectly as possible.  Ultra Modern Pool and Patio has industry trained, expert service technicians who can measure all the different angles of your pool and order a new liner from our wide variety of liner patterns that will make your pool look like new!

In-Ground Liner Measurement includes:
Determination of liner style
Determination of liner type
Recommendation of best liner material
Your choice of a wide variety of patterns
Measurement of pool with 3’ intervals
Measurement of each riser and tread on stairs

In-Ground Liner Replacement includes:
Pumping all water from pool
Removal of old liner
Repair minor areas of the pools surface
Remove main drain, skimmer, returns, lights and steps
Install liner
Install stair rods
Cut in main drain, lights, skimmer & returns and install
Refill pool and start equipment
Install ladder
New faceplate for skimmers, return fittings and main drain grate included
It is the customer’s responsibility to turn off water when pool is full

(Prices vary depending on size of pool and complexity, call today for a customized quote!)



inspectionAre you buying a new home with a swimming pool or spa?  Do you have a pool or spa that you haven’t used for a few years?  Let Ultra Modern Pool and Patio inspect your pool and spa for hidden problems before you proceed to make final decisions!  We have industry trained, expert technicians who will inspect all of the major components of your new pool or spa and give you a written report of that inspection so you can be secure and know that nothing will get in the way of your summer FUN!
(Some inspection items can only be checked if the pool is in operation, If not, we will note visible signs only)

Pool Inspection includes:

General assessment of structure Mechanical Equipment:
Tile & Grouting
Interior Finish/type
Deck interface with pool/spa
Caulking/Expansion Joints
Deck Equipment:
Chemical feeders
Automatic cleaning equipment
Time clocks/controls
Main drain cover
Overall Chemical Assessment
Diving Board/Water Slide

All this safety and security for only $139.00!  Call to schedule your swimming pool or spa inspection today